Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Recap: Ghost Busters, Backyard Mini Golf, Triple Birthday Bonanza, Blackhawks Training Camp and Chic-A-Go-Go

Who ya gonna call?   Friday we had a chiil time at Haas Park.   Ghost Busters was showing as one of the final films of Movies in the Parks, a fabulous Parkways Foundation funded program.  They've shown over 160 Free movies, from June 18-Spetember 10th, on giant, inflatable screens at parks all over Chicago.

Saturday was a crazy, triple birthday bonanza!   Sagezilla went truckin' out to Niles with a school friend for a birthday party at Jump Zone.   Rumor is, it was bigger, better, cleaner and more fun than our local Pump It Up.   And parents can duck out to near by Fresh Farms for international and organic deals at a reasonable price!

The second birthday party was a fun, in the home party.   The kids ate home baked pizza and played Wii and Monopoly as well as old school outdoor games like horse shoes and bean bag toss.   I was impressed the family got strips of indoor/outdoor carpet and made a 5 hole putt putt golf course in the back yard. They used swim noodles and other objects to create obstacles and different shaped holes.   It was super creative and fun.

Our final birthday of the night was an adult friend who wanted to find a great sushi place.   We wanted to humor the birthday girl, but my kids won't eat sushi.   We found the perfect solution in Manee Thai, an old favorite of ours, newly revamped and serving both awesome Thai food and rockin' Japanese Sushi under the label "pan Asian".   They have 2 locations now, with the same menu, but their newly rebuilt Pulaski location is our favorite, by far.   It's risen again, like a mythical Phoenix, from the ashes of a kitchen fire, that gutted the place several years ago. 

The birthday girl was impressed with the sushi, that came with colorful names like Godzilla, Tarantula and Rainbow, and equally fun presentation.   I'd share the photos here, but they're missing at the moment.   I snapped lots of Blackberry photos of the plates, but managed to lose my phone on the way out of the restaurant!   

Sagezilla fell asleep, so I was carrying her to the car, several blocks away, and her sleepy legs wrapped around me and knocked my purse open and my cell off somewhere.   We got all the way home before I realized it was missing, then had to drive back and retrace our steps.   It was gone, but I'm still hopeful someone honest and nice found it.   Someone checked the voice mails and called the first friend in my address book.   Are you out there?   Anyone? 

We'll have a full feature on the Blackhawks Training Camp later this week. 

Sunday is official catch up with homework, and bath with hair washing day.   If we finish in time, we still hope to go rock out with puppet, Rattso, and Miss Mia for the taping of Chic-A-Go-Go's Halloween Show.

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