Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Win A Disc Wednesdays: Kidzapalooza Special With Rocknoceros--Pink

I dare you to try to say Rocknoceros 3 times fast without cracking a smile or dissolving into belly laughter.   These guys are every bit as fun as their name implies.   It was Rocknocerosin' awesome to see them play Friday and Saturday on the Kidzapalooza stage the weekend before last.

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ChiIL Mama is excited to have them as this week's Win-A-Disc-Wednesday band.   You can enter to win their sweet new CD, Pink, by filling out the form at the end of this post.   Entries are accepted through Tuesday night at midnight and contact info will never be sold, shared or written on bathroom walls.

Rocknocerous is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, and with 5 discs out, your sure to find something for everyone.   My favorite song they played at Kidzapalooza is Col. Purple Turtle.   It's not on Pink, but I've found it on YouTube, so you can check it out, too.   

The people who posted this clip likened them to The Grateful Dead, but when I heard them live I got all happy and instantly thought, woo hoo, Primus for kids!   There's something decidedly Les Claypool about their playful lyrics and accented spoken words.   I could almost see them breaking into Primus' Tommy the Cat and then easing back into Colonel Purple Turtle and his purple turtle journal.

After their sets at Kidzapalooza, the merch tent was hopping with people who wanted Rocknoceros tee shirts.   Forget the kids.   I would wear a Rocknoceros tee!

Their latest album, Pink, is refreshingly   That works for us.   My 7 year old skate punk in training is the antithesis of a pink princess.   At the tender age of 2, she was asked her favorite color by her conservative Ohio Grammy.   From three rooms away I heard her scream, "MY FAVORITE COLOR IN THE WORLD IS BLAAAAACK."  

Five years later, she still loves black, despite the fact every other second grade girl in her class adores pink.   What else would you expect from the daughter of a skate punk Dad who had a pink trimmed board in the 80s, and a Mama who wears a lot of black?

In the case of Rocknoceros, though, she's made an exception.   Their Pink is pretty cool.  It's got 14 tracks to keep your littles learning and laughing on those long car trips.  

We're particular fans of The Train Song, Put A Hat On, Lucky Lindy, and Big Wheel, though honestly Sagezilla and Du-Jay went gonzo for the whole CD.   They did a raucous bunch of silly dancing and cracked up repeatedly through all fourteen tracks.   Maybe it's 'cause we reviewed it when they were all hepped up at bedtime...   Or maybe Rocknoceros silliness is just that contagious.

Check out their web site for CDs, tee shirts, and cool pod casts.   They also have a streaming player where you can have your own random Rocknoceros-a-thon or choose to hear specific favorites.   These guys make learning so silly and fun, that growing your brain is pretty painless.

Don't forget, to enter here to win your own copy of Pink!   Winner will be announced on Wednesday.

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