Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Win-A-Disc-Wednesday--Count Down to KIDZAPALOOZA--Tim and the Space Cadets: The Greatest Party Ever

Tim and the Space Cadets are "gettin ready to go" to Kidzapalooza this weekend.   They'll put their rocket boots on and blast off from New York, to play what truly is the greatest party ever.   They'll be rockin' Grant Park at 2:30 this Friday and again on Saturday at 11:30.

ChiIL Mama had a chance to check out their 2010 album earlier this week and Du-Jay and Sagezilla gave it a squeal of approval.   It's short, with just 5 songs, but it's a sweet package.   The disc itself is so fun, I couldn't resist a quick scan.   There's already a bow even--the perfect prezzy for the kid who has everything, and no place to put it.  

But, you don't have to wait for a present, you can win this disc in the present.   Enter ChiIL Mama's Win-A-Disc Wednesday today through Tuesday midnight.   Winners will be announced next Wednesday.   All contact info remains confidential and will not be sold, shared or printed on bathroom walls.

Tim and Matt write imagination heavy songs celebrating dress up, simple kids games, silliness and fun.   Oh yeah...and magic words like, um, maybe...banana?  
 These guys may be the new kids, but their space ship's rising fast.    Check out their web site for sample songs, photos and links to buy The Greatest Party Ever.   "Superhero" even made it to #1 on Kindie rock favorite, XMKiDS, in May.

I've included their first music video for the song, Superhero.   Viewer discretion is advised:  you will find this song getting stuck in your head and popping up like a screen saver, when you least expect it.

Great wardrobe choice, Tim.  Reduce-Reuse-Recycle are the new 3 Rs of elementary school, replacing that awkward stretch of reading, (w)riting and 'rithmatic.   Gotta get that eco-awareness out there while they're young.   I'll be covering Kidzapalooza for Green Parent Chicago in addition to ChiIL Mama, so you'll fit right in.

Come on out and meet Tim and the Space Cadets.   You'll be glad you did.

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