Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lego Love & Five Family Fun Time Ideas

With Du-Jay and Sagezilla entering their 3rd week back to school, family time is at a premium.   Despite 6 hours in school a day and homework, our afternoons, evenings and weekends are still our own.

When our kids were toddlers, they loved their giant tub of giant Legos.    As the kids have grown bigger, their Legos have grown smaller.   Woo hoo.   Yet, they still ask for Legos for every birthday.    We were jazzed to discover Lego board games this past Spring.   The kids got Minotarus and Creationary as gifts and they were a huge hit.   Even our big kid and grown up friends like to play.  


Lego and TwitterMoms have teamed up and are asking for five of our favorite family time ideas,   Get some family time inspiration from LEGO here.

I've split our favorite family fun times into seasons. 

1.  Summer:   outdoor concerts, festivals, camping, swimming, and beach time at the lakes

2.   Fall:   apple picking, gathering local produce at farmer's markets, running corn mazes, thrift shop treasure hunting for the perfect, creative Halloween costume pieces

3.   Winter:   playing board games and reading out loud by the wood burning stove, ice skating, sledding, sharing hot cocoa

4.    Spring:   planting herbs and flowers in the yard, running our 3 dogs in the parks, and family kite flying

5.   Anytime:   creating with Legos and Lego games

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