Wednesday, August 11, 2010

D is for Drums, Dans, Devil Julius, and Dance

We spent the whole weekend enjoying Lollapalooza and their awesome kids' area, Kidzapalooza.   Here are a few D-lights of the weekend for ABC Wednesday's D-Day.

D is for:

For those about to's Michael, the adorable nephew of our cameraman friend, Anthony, in his AC/DC tie.

D is for Dans:
Dan Zanes

It was truly a treat to meet Dan Zanes, and hear him play with the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra.   He's a master at his craft, an excellent children's musician who is enjoyed by adults and kids of all ages.   And the man plays a wicked harmonica.

Dan the art teacher

This is our friend, Dan.   He's now father to a 1 year old, and has been Sagezilla's favorite jungle gym for years.   It's been a long standing Lollapalooza tradition to climb Dan.   Friend trumps famous for fun times.

Devil Julius 
After a hiatus last year, Paul Frank is back with all the kids' favorite Small Paul characters.   This year they gave away bikes in the free raffles, including 2 pink ones with Skurvy, the skull and crossbones guy, and 2 with devil Julius, the infamous monkey wearing red and horns.   We didn't win a bike, but came home with lots of devil Julius temp tattoos, stickers and a cool zipper pull.

Dance at Greenday

 Zilla and Alicia rock out to Greenday

Lollapalooza is a mini vacation, where the kids get to stay up late, rock out, and hear fantastic bands all day and well into the night.   Sagezilla and Du-Jay danced to mega rockers, Greenday, till the final fireworks faded away Saturday night around 10:30.   Then we got up, and did it again.

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  1. It looks like a fun day and replete with ample "d"s.
    ABC Wednesday team

  2. Delightful post for D's and because it was about Lollapalooza AND Chicago you get an A+, no d's for you! We lived in ChiTown for 14 years. My daughter graduated from the AIoC and lives in Rogers Park and so you can see I left a bit of my heart behind. Thanks for sharing all the fun and I'll be back to see what you're up to soon.
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. What a range for D. DEE-LIGHT-FULL!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. what a Deefilled post :) a Delightful time I think! :)