Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kidzapalooza and Lollapalooza 2010: Saturday line up and Friday highlights

The biggest rock fest for the littles is happening NOW.
Come on out today and see

Tim and the Space Cadets
The Candy Band
The Verve Pipe
The Happiness Club
Dan Zanes and The Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra
JP, Chrissie & the Fairground Boys

Check the Kidzapalooza web site or find them on Facebook for late breaking info.

We'll have a full recap continuing this week, along with a fun interview with Seattle's Kindie Rock Kings, Recess Monkey.   For now, we'll give you a quick taste of the highlights.   Then put your space pants on, head on down to Grant Park and rock your Crocs off.

Double click on the slideshow for full screen options.

Friday Kidzapalooza Highlights:
Interview with Recess Monkey and a funky, fun set headlining the kids' stage.

Rockin' out with Tim and The Space Cadets
Getting creative with renowned pop artist, Romero Britto. 

According to his web site, Romero Britto today is represented in galleries and museums across five continents, from Singapore to Dubai, to London and New York. Opening in Paris at the Salle le Nôtre at the Louvre Museum in December 2008, Britto unveiled “Journey” to hundreds of guests. Other recent shows and projects are just as impressive, “…Matisse channeling Picasso,” wrote the New York Times® when Britto created a living canvas performed by the Cirque du Soleil in celebration of Super Bowl XLI.

Not only that, but he's a down to earth, nice guy who isn't above sitting down with a bunch of children at Kidzapalooza and painting outside on a hot, Chicago summer day.

Sagezilla and Du-Jay are both still at an age where they want to grow up to be both artists and vets.   They draw and design found object sculptures daily.

Romero said that he likes to encourage creativity in kids and thinks it's hugely important.   I did a retake without the glasses glare, but later it seemed fitting that he is reflecting back the art of the children and for the children.   His book is colorful and excellent, too.   Check out My Alphabet Playbook for all the pre-k kids in your life who still want to grow up to be artists. 

Here's Sagezilla and Romero, both in shirts bearing their own art work.
Meet him in person again Saturday.

Friday Lollapalooza Highlights:

Helping green the earth--We collected 3 trash bags full of recyclables and traded them in for tree shirts with the full Lollapalooza line up on the back.

Seeing Bleeding Heart Bakery--our favorite punk and hard core pastry shop (and their sweet new t-shirt designs)

this Friday through Sunday.

ALSO! Just announced! Check 

out The Happiness Club
Recess MonkeyThe Verve Pipe 
and Dan Zanes at the 
ultra fun V.I.R. event at the 
James Hotel, Sunday morning 
at 9am! First come, first served 
admission is open to the 
public. The James is at the 
corner of Rush and Ontario!

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