Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ABC Wednesday: G is for Gymnastics

G is for GYMNASTICS...

Sagezilla and Du-Jay have been taking park district gymnastics classes since they were tumbling tots at the ripe, old age of one.

However, they only began competitive tumbling and gymnastics last December.

(Mayor Daley's Winter Sports Fest)

By February, they had qualified for State in tumbling, where Zilla went on to win a 5th place medal and Du-Jay got a trophy for 3rd.

This spring, a new competition season started and Zilla moved up a level to the tumbling "Novice" division.   She went on to place 2nd in City Wide, in her new, harder category!

Our latest meet was the unique summer competition know as The Beach Meet, where kids stay casual in their swimwear when they do their routines.   
True to its name, the parks bring mats, rings and gymnastics things to the beach and have a big, wacky, fun time in the sun and sand.   The athletes splashed around and played in Lake Michigan when their medals and ribbons were won and their levels were done.


  1. What lovely happy looking children - I envy them their beautiful energy.

  2. Yay for the tumblers!
    I seriously needed this cuteness.

  3. Good for them, enjoying all the benefits of the hard work they put in to reach their Goals. Great pictures and commentary for G day.

  4. they are winners, the kids and the pics!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Aren't they adorable? And athletic! Gotta love all that energy, too.

  6. Is Du-Jay a boy or a girl?