Monday, October 20, 2014

LAST CALL: FOODIE FUN at The Ritz-Carlton Chicago For David Bowie Is Inspired Food and Beverage Offerings #recipe

The Ritz-Carlton Chicago has decided to join in the celebration of one of the most pioneering and influential performers of our time, David Bowie. In honor of the David Bowie Is exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, guests can savor innovative Bowie-inspired dishes, while sipping a tasty Stardust Martini at deca RESTAURANT + BAR, through October 20th. 
The menu will feature three British plates that Chef Martin Knaubert specially crafted in honor of Bowie's favorite cuisine, and that of Bowie's own restaurant in Tokyo.  As an extra nod to this iconic figure, Pastry Chef Eric Estrella will prepare an assortment of macaroons, cleverly named after some of Bowie's top hits.

In addition to deca's restaurant offerings, the Hotel is also featuring a bold, artistic showcase of David Bowie in the lobby fountain and center floral arrangement, which is an exhibit in and of itself!

Chef Knaubert's Menu (available at deca RESTAURANT + BAR, from September 23 - October 20)

“Bubble and squeak”
Brussels Sprouts, Tri-Colored Cauliflower, Carrots, Lardon, Marbled Potatoes

“Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding”
Classic Ribeye of Beef, fresh Yorkshire Pudding, Asparagus, Jus

“Bangers and Mash”
Homemade Sausages, Beet Mashed Potato, Gravy, Crispy Sweet Potato
Specialty Cocktail (available at deca RESTAURANT + BAR, from September 23 - October 20):
Stardust Martini

Garnish with a red sugar rim and star-shaped pineapple, poured table side over dry ice

Assortment of Macaroons (in-room amenity option for guests visiting the exhibit, available through October):
CHINA DOLL:   Lime Green Macaroon / Yunnan Tea Filling
ZIGGY STARDUST:  Silver Dust Macaroon/ Strawberry Pop Rocks Filling
SPACE ODDITY:  Orange with Cocoa Nib Macaroon /Bittersweet Chocolate  Filling
YOUNG AMERICANS:  Sky Blue Macaroon/White Chocolate Cherry Filling
PRETTY IN PINK:  Pink Macaroon/ Rose Filling 

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