Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2 Helpful Hacks For Attaching Scout Badges

Are scout badges the bane of your existence too?! Don't get me wrong, I love that my daughter has been a Girl Scout for 5 years now, and I dig seeing her excitement over earning badges. But applying them is a different matter.

If you want a quick n easy way to stick it to your scout, read on. ChiIL Mama's got a couple cool hacks for you that'll make your life easier.

I'm not exactly Heather Homemaker over here. Our iron only gets dragged out to do dark t-shirt transfers and other assorted craft projects, not to actually press button downs or anything. We're a fairly casual bunch. So, I definitely don't have an ironing board and I don't know if I could FIND my iron if I had to. But that's a moot point because in the past when I did use it on alleged iron on scout badges, they came off fairly fast and took a looooooong time to apply when you're doing a lot of them. So much for convenience.

Then we started getting a slew of sew on patches and badges. Gaaahhhhh! Yes... yes I DO actually know how to mend and how to sew buttons. BUT... sew on patches are tough and time consuming. Are these things designed to test a scout's skills or a parent's patience?!

If you're over the ironing like we are, try a HOT GLUE GUN. Yes folks, they work wonders and are great for the sew on and iron on variety of scout trimmings. It's a much faster way to apply patches and badges and they tend to stay put longer too! We have had to touch up a few over time, but all in all, it's a big time saver.

In an entirely unscientific poll of other disgruntled scout moms, the 2nd favorite method for a quick stick for the iron on variety is a FLAT IRON made for hair styling. This way you get the one two punch of a front & back iron squeezing together so your badges can't escape. We haven't tried this method but many of our friends swear by it. They claim it's quicker and easier than using a clothes iron and the badges stay stuck.

Check back with ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chi, IL... early and often, for more HELPFUL HACKS so you can get back to doing FUN stuff with the family.

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