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Discount Code Through 3/15 On TwirlyGirl® Fashions #TweenDresses #ad

REVIEW: Reversible Twirly Racer Dress & 15% off Discount Code through 3/15 for ChiIL Mama's readers

Disclosure:   Thank to TwirlyGirl® for sending us a Reversible Twirly Racer Dress to review and discount codes to offer our readers.   As always, all opinions are our own.

**ChiIL out with 15% savings for ChiIL Mama's readers with the code TGFun30 (case sensitive) through 3/15/14.**  

Input the code into the Coupon Code box at checkout.  Does not apply to sale items, gift certificates or Design your Own Dress feature.

TwirlyGirl® Reversible Twirly Racer Dresses are Serious Fun for Tween girls!

Here at ChiIL Mama, we were elated when TwirlyGirl® reached out to us back in December.   Click here for our full photo and video filled review.  

Now they've offered our readers a new 15% discount through March 15th, so you can spring forward and ChiIL Out this spring and summer with fabulously fun fashions.

Back in December, we took a look through their excellent selection of wearable art styles for girls 12 months to size 14 and we were hooked.  Each dress is made in small numbers so your daughter won't match dozens of others at an event, and can express her own unique look.  The Holiday Joyous Dance TwirlyGirl® Reversible Twirly Racer Dress we were sent to review is a special limited edition where only 60 were made!

Reversible Twirly Racer Dress | Holiday Joyous Dance
STYLE# TG1111-026


Sage pronounced the TwirlyGirl® Reversible Twirly Racer Dress soft and comfortable and was thrilled with her new Holiday Joyous Dance look.   And that's really saying something.   She's super sensitive to textures and many dressy dresses have scratchy seams, tags, and harsh materials that make them uncomfortable at best and intolerably torturous at worst.   Basically, most dress clothes drive her nuts.   

By contrast, the Holiday Joyous Dance TwirlyGirl® Reversible Twirly Racer Dress is pure joy! After the theatre, she wore it for Christmas eve, and rocked the reversible feature when we were out of town for the holidays for a week, doubling her dressy options. Holiday Joyous Dance indeed!!!!   Highly recommended. She'll be twirling into 2014 and beyond in this stylin' dress, and rockin' it year round.

As a mom, I'm impressed with the quality and durability.  We ordered one size up, since my 10 year old is still petite and hasn't hit a big growth spurt yet.   I foresee this dress being a favorite for years to come.  

My daughter's never been a girly girl.   She's a competitive gymnast who cringes at being called cute and is all about being mighty, so sometimes getting her to dress up is a challenge.   This is the kid who spent a whole year of her toddlerhood stubbornly saying "No 'kirts.   No dresses."    So, I was beyond thrilled that she really digs her TwirlyGirl® Reversible Twirly Racer Dress.   Their funky fun dresses for tweens are a great way for girls to express their individuality and personality.

I've been telling Sage for years that it's fun to dress up and that girls can be beautiful AND powerful, tiny AND mighty.   It's not just an either or situation.   So, spin, dance, play and enjoy being a girl.   Some of my favorite childhood memories involve twirling around till I was dizzy and making my skirts spin.  I think with her new Holiday Joyous Dance TwirlyGirl® Reversible Twirly Racer Dress she finally believes me. Dressing up shouldn't have to be itchy, uncomfortable and unpleasant!

It takes a twirl to raise a girl...

Here at ChiIL Mama, we're picky about who we partner up with, but when we're excited about a new find, we're happy to share with our readers.  Shop here to visit TwirlyGirl and see their fun range of styles for yourself.  Click here to follow ChiIL Mama's Tween Fashion Pinterest Board.

  • TwirlyGirl® Dresses are made in City of the Angels, USA and made to last with 4 thread overlock stitching.   
  • We're still geeking out on their hilarious ad copy!   Their tags and promo materials are so fun, funny & well written, we'll be featuring them on our ChiIL Mama Instagram Page.
  • TWIRLYGIRL THEATRE:   Click here to check out FREE audio stories for kids.   ChiIL Mama's enamored.   The more we explore, the more we adore TwirlyGirl.

Welcome to TwirlyGirl Theater ~ Stories for Kids

A free podcast of original short stories that adults can share with their children.
All stories are written and performed by professional Hollywood writers and actors.  
They're perfect for long car rides, bedtime listening or being entertained while drawing.
So turn off the TV and let your imagination run wild.

• If you would like to know when our new online kid's stories are available, click here.

• To listen - simply click the play button. Please be patient as the audio player loads. 
   While you are waiting, do some jumping jacks or count the atoms on your eyelids.

Like what you see?   Then click here to "like" the TwirlyGirl® page on Facebook.  They post a host of wacky, creative stuff that goes beyond dresses & if you check in with them often you'll be the first to know about sales, specials and new releases.

Spin into Spring 2014 in style.   Rock the summer & ChiIL Out in comfort & joy!!

You can always order on line, but there is a list of distributors on the TwirlyGirl Site in a number of states.   Here are the closest two to Chi, IL for our local readers who like to try things on & check things out in person.

store locations:
  • Lil Surprises
    22 S. Ash Street
    Frankfort, IL 60423
  • Such a Deal
    300 Skokie Blvd.
    Northbrook, IL 60062
Disclosure:   Thank to TwirlyGirl® for sending us a Reversible Twirly Racer Dress to review.   As always, all opinions are our own.

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