Tuesday, January 7, 2014

ACT OUT OPENING: Ghost The Musical #BroadwayInChicago

Ghost the musical hits Chicago tonight, just as the arctic vortex is lifting.   We'll be reviewing tomorrow night at the press opening and can't wait to see the stage adaptation.   We just watched the movie again, since we love to play the same/different game and see how the basic plot line, special effects and more are adapted for the Broadway version.   I always dug this movie.   Demi Moore had a rockin' urban loft, and aside from the dead boyfriend tragedy, her character in Ghost was living my dream life, so to say I could relate was an understatement.  I was already running around in overalls, making wheel pottery, and fancying myself an artist before the film came out.   The whole supernatural schtick was a cool premise too. 

It's strange to see the movie again and realize that Patrick Swayze is actually deceased now.  My Location Sound Engineer husband, Dug, worked with him on his final series, The Beast, right here in Chicago, before his untimely death at a young age.   Go back and revisit this 1990 movie blast from the past, then head out to Oriental Theatre and catch the stunning supernatural stage adaptation.   We've heard the large screen, multimedia effects are pretty chill.

After seeing the illusions clip below, we're extra stoked for the Broadway touring show.

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