Monday, December 24, 2012

HELP OUT: Wigs for Kids #giving #wigsforkids

It's better to give than receive.   We volunteer year round as a family, but the holidays are always a great time to step up and help out.   This year, we donated a huge bag of books through the kids' school and donated warm winter wear at The Bright White show at Schubas.   The kids volunteered at a soup kitchen with their grandma and donated a foot of their hair to Wigs for Kids!

The kids have both been growing their hair for 5 years (since they were 4 & 6) and we told them it was their decision to either get a few inches trimmed or donate (at least 10") and help out a sick child.   They were both on board and jazzed to donate.   We measured it out at home and they both chose to donate a foot of hair.  

Then the minute Sage's was irrevocably cut, she burst into tears, said she'd made a mistake, and wanted her hair back.   We had a lot of hugs and good talks about compassion for others.   She still cried for two days, and weeks later she's still wearing her hair up in buns so she's not reminded how much is gone.   And she doesn't want to talk about it....

Sometimes it's tough to give up something you love.   But that makes the gift of giving that much more precious.  Her empathy for other kids has already grown immensely, and her hair will grow, too.

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