Monday, December 24, 2012

Chevy Equinox Night Before Christmas #review #greatcarhunt

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the city, there was wrapping and shopping and trees to make pretty...

Thanks to our friends over at Chevy, our holiday prep was easier and fun this year, in our bright red 2013 Equinox loaner.   We'll have more of a traditional "evergreen" Equinox review after the new year, with all the specs and our take on performance, but for now we wanted to share our holiday adventure.   We were super stoked to be able to borrow a Chevy Equinox for an extended test drive for a week.  

Santa's sleigh's got nothin' on the Equinox.   If you're packin' prezzies or packing for Grandma's...this car's got you covered.

Forget Elf on the about elf in the trunk?!

Are you on Santa's good list?!  We actually are car hunting for a crossover, so it was cool to check out a vehicle that would be a great fit for our family.  

We're looking for a car to take us through the next decade of family life and beyond.  With kids who are 9 & 11, I've still got a good 5 years of full time family taxi driver detail before we have an eligible young driver.   Yet, he's already taller than me, so back seat space and leg room have to factor in, too.   The Equinox has both back seat leg room and a roomy, adjustable cargo space.   

Safety, is a no brainer, and we're looking for something that will still go in the snow, with good traction.   We're also looking for dependability, longevity, staying power, and fuel efficency.   With Eco technology, this car was green as well as red, and we're all about saving energy and saving cash.  

We need a car that acts like a truck for hauling camping gear, groceries, a Husky and a 100+ pound Akita.   We need something still short enough to be able to parallel park in the city with ease, and negotiate urban traffic.   The Equinox is a sweet size for urban life and a joy to drive.   It can handle a huge Christmas tree with ease, and light up your drive time.  

Check out our test drive/review video right here:


Check out our past #greatcarhunt posts here and come along for the ride.    We have lots more to come in the new year. 


G. M. C....Got MCar?!

Happy holidays to all.  We'll still be posting theatre reviews and a few noteworthy holiday happenings, but most of the next week we will be ChiILin' with our family and friends in real time.   We're thankful for all our readers here at ChiIL Mama and we look forward to more on line time with you, in 2013.   ChiIL out!

*Disclaimer:   Thanks to Chevy for loaning us an Equinox for a week.   All opinions are our own.

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