Saturday, October 8, 2011

Photos: Suicide Machines-Secret Show at AAA Warehouse, Chicago-Riot Fest 2011

Suicide Machines killed it last night at a secret, late night, after show at the AAA Warehouse in Chicago.  It was great to hear lead singer, Jason Navarro, expound on being a dad now.  His own next gen of punk kin already love The Ramones.    He may be somebody's parent now, but he's still a skater and an old school Detroit punk at heart.  And Suicide Machine's high energy, political ska/punk had everyone skankin' like 1991 all over again.

The crowd was stage diving and screaming along, even when an inebriated Navarro forgot some of their songs they haven't played out in 15 years and improvised.    

The drummer and bass player exchanged a few quizzical looks and mouthed expletives, but didn't miss a beat and went with it, for some sweet, improvised mayhem.    

The band played their landmark LP, Destruction by Definition (more or less) in it's entirety, then branched out into Black Flag covers and requests for more of their originals. 


We can't wait to see them again tonight at Congress Theater where they open for The Descendents.

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  1. Great pics of a great show. If you have more, I'd love to see them. Mainly so I can show my girlfriend the ridiculous faces I undoubtedly have when jumping off a stage.