Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween-Mr. Singer Covers White Stripes Little Ghost

Here's some of our live footage from Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies rockin' Halloween Show.   Big congrats to their drummer, Maurius Mustard, whose wife Honey just gave birth to their 2nd child today!   Welcome baby Stella.   

ChiIL out with ChiIL Mama this Halloween week as we bring you loads more live Halloween show footage, photo filled features, and more.  We'll be bringing you a "Tech or Treat" feature, great video game give aways from Activision, new news from PopCap and 30Second Mom and so much more.

We'll have a grand tour of the new Wonder! store including a video tour and interview with the founder.   We'll have video interviews and live show clips from A Christmas Story the Musical.    

Remember to enter to win some great DVDs for adults/older kids.  Entries taken through midnight Halloween night.  Tomorrow we'll be posting a big "What We're Watching" recap and picking our winners.  If you love Iggy Pop, Jesus Lizard, and Elvis Costello, this one's for you!   All info stays confidential except the winner's first name/last initial and is never shared, sold or scrawled on bathroom walls.   Enter right here for your chance to win.

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