Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ABC Wednesday & Weirded Out Wednesday--L is for......

LOL and do a double take!
   L is for Local art, Little creepy babies, and Look out attachment parenting--it's Rosemary's baby for the new millennium. 

Just in time for's photos are doing double duty as our L for the ABC Wednesday meme and our first contribution to Mom-Mom-Mom's new Weirded Out Wednesday feature.   We spotted these creepy babies in Chicago at Wizard World's Comic-Con out in Rosemont.  We are a bit inundated with event business cards and I can't find theirs at the moment, but I will post the website info if it materializes.   If anyone knows, please feel free to add it to our comments section.   Googling creepy Chicago babies got me nowhere, and the card is MIA.

Halloween is one of our all time favorite holidays of the year.    But what's scarier than gory costumes to me is the imminent advance of the avalanche of Christmas.   We bought a rapidly selling out Blackhawks ornament yesterday, and attended a preview of holiday offerings at a local toy store.    We are already getting Christmas e-mail and it's just October 5th!

So, slow down and enjoy the changing colors of the midwestern foliage.    Make some apple cider.   Scare up a fun costume for Halloween.   Read some ghost stories.    And check out some fun posts over at Weirded Out and ABC Wednesday.


  1. that is sufficiently creepy for me!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. I can't stop staring at these freaky babies. (I think I peed myself a little!) This will be a perfect addition to next week's Weirded Out Wednesday! Keep 'em coming.

  3. Wahhhhh, that is freaky!

    My ABC, please come and see.

  4. So disturbing LOL Good to see you Sat!