Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Like a Lion......Out Like A Snow Leopard?!

The new fashion for spring is funky hats

March has not brought mild, lamb like weather yet.
But, our neighbors brought a much needed chuckle,
amid the slushy snow and lingering winter cold.
We couldn't help but laugh
at a new life sized, figure
lurking on the corner
last night.

March 2009: In like a lion...............Out like a snow leopard?!

Today is my birthday, at 4:44pm to be exact.

"Happy birthday to you... The kids had the flu... Its rainy, cold and nasty.... and your house is a zoo."

If the kids are well enough to stay at school today, I hope to collect some birthday freebies. Andies Mediterranean restaurant offers a free birthday entree with advanced reservations and ID, on your actual birthday. Flat Top Grill also gives a free birthday stir fry coupon to anyone on their mailing list, and they even give you a 30 day window of time to use it.

Finally, this offer is not birthday related, but expires on my birthday by chance. Bleeding Heart Bakery, one of our favorites, is offering a free cupcake ($3 value) with a coupon from their mailing list.

I still haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire which has finally trickled down to the Logan Theatre, $3 all showings. It's hard to duck out and see anything that's not animated these days and most showings aren't early enough to coincide with the school day. Or maybe we can duck out to see Watchman which is on the Kerasotes $5 club list now. There are benefits to being behind the times on the latest releases. We'll see. I have big birthday hopes............

The kids surprised me with homemade cards this morning. Du drew my favorite shape, spirals and wrote lots of I love yous.

Sagezilla declared, "My card is big and poppie outie and it's something you love to do every day that makes Daddy crazy."

She appropriated a big cardboard box and made me a lap top complete with a mouse, pop up screen and keyboard! The keys have rune symbols and she "wrote" 4 lines of my blog on the screen and drew in pictures. (melt)

Waffles with fresh strawberries followed for breakfast. Then Dad left to take the kids to school, out the back door. Minutes later the front bell rang. UPS? FedEx? I opened the door and was serenaded with a chorus of "Happy Birthday to you............." from my lovely family. They had circled around the house to surprise me. We all cracked up. It was a sweet way to start the day.

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  1. Happy birthday, Bonnie! I wish I could be there to help you gather up all that sweet birthday swag! You will LOVE Slumdog! It's out on video today, too. :)