Friday, March 6, 2009

The Monster Who Lost His Lucky Tooth

Du-Jay made his performance debut with this 2 minute number. He wrote the script and read the voice over. And he created and worked the puppets, with his best friend, Soren, another 2nd grader in his class.

This was the only puppet show in the school variety show and was a hit among the kids and adults alike. So, I'll post it here, and it can live on in infamy. Yay for creative kids!

Here's the written script, an excerpt from a 1,500 word chapter book Du wrote in November as part of National Novel Writing Month.

The monster that lost his lucky tooth

A Puppet Show by Dugan and Soren

Once there was a nice monster named Caboodle that had feet for hands and lived in an underwater ant hill (He was red, yellow, and black all over and his eyes were red).

One day he went out to play blow away, a monster game where players throw a Frisbee and try to make it blow into the net behind them. In the middle of the game, Caboodle's lucky tooth fell out and blew away! The wind carried it through the net with the Frisbee, and then the lucky tooth kept going.

"I have to find my lucky wishing tooth," Caboodle said. “Without it I can't change size and none of my wishes will come true! I've got leave on an adventure. And off I go.”

He started tracking his tooth at the blow away game net. Then he followed the wind into the lake since he could breathe under water. When he came up, on the far side of the lake, he was in the woods. There he met a big, scary fiend who had shark teeth, a lion head, an armadillo body, elephant legs, and a kangaroo tail.

The Fiend said, “I have your magic wishing tooth and won’t give it back till you bring back my missing "R".


"Well," said Caboodle, "Off I go." and he walked 5 miles north and 70 steps west to the Quick Sand Marsh. He had visited there many times on quests before, so he had already built monkey bars there.So he monkeyed across using his feet, which were like arms.

Caboodle found the fiend’s R in the spiral whirl. He jumped in and grabbed it. Caboodle gave it to the fiend and he turned back into a friend. He was very nice now and gave Caboodle his lucky tooth back. They became best friends and decided to play the blow away game together every week.


  1. Oh my gosh! This is so amazing. Bravo, boys!

  2. WOW!!!! Guess I know who I am calling next time I need some help with tech on a show. Great job DUJAY!!!!