Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bergamot & Salamander.....Snot Otters & Chicken Frogs

Bergamot & Salamander has become a long running family joke. Sagezilla has a sensitive nose and likes the natural Trader Joe's Bergamot & Coriander spray to banish nasty smells. It got re dubbed during her toddler hood when she accidentally swapped out Coriander for another rhyming 4 syllable word. Since Monday was a school holiday, we went to check out some actual salamanders and their amphibian friends at The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

We saw live frogs and toads.....

(say ahhhhh.............)

And not so live ones................
We wound our way through an amphibian question maze, where we learned about Hellbenders, AKA: Snot Otters and discovered that some frogs really do "taste like chicken".

The kids helped a magnetized salamander safely reach her breeding ground. They even got a few of their winter squirrelies out as they swung through the air and tried to hop farther than frogs. At the end of the maze, a carnival style wheel provided a fun way to recap amphibian information. We were all impressed with the special exhibit that runs Feb 7th-May 3rd.

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