Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monsters Vs. Aliens or "Cake and balloons for lunch. I love you guys."

At long last, Monsters Vs. Aliens opened yesterday and Du-Jay had his friend birthday party. He treated his best friends to a 3D show and lunch at John's place.

Several of the kids had never seen a 3D movie and the kids were a hoot in the over sized glasses.

Multiple trips up and down the escalator provided lots of vertical fun while we waited for everyone to arrive.

And Du and Sagezilla are still having a blast
with their digi cameras from Grammy and Gramps from 2 Christmases ago.

Even Eli didn't want to miss the fun. He just had surgery to remove metal pins
from his broken leg. Last summer, he was bowled over in the park, by two big dogs leashed together. The bones are finally healed and strong enough to lose the metal, but he has one more round of healing to do, now.

We thought it was too funny that there's a line in the movie, "Cake and balloons
for lunch. I love you guys." After the movie, we had a half walking, half driving birthday parade a few blocks away, and indeed we did have cake and balloons for lunch.

Du chose a delicious chocolate cake filled with choc. mousse with cream cheese frosting. We barely finished his chocolate/vanilla layered cake from the family party on the 14th. And my own birthday is 3 days away. So much for project skinny Mommy!

The movie was fun and enjoyed by all. One of the Moms remarked that she was worried Ginormica would snap in half because her waist was so skinny. And her feet were freakishly small. But, she was smart and strong, so that was somewhat of an improvement over most mainstream cartoon heroins.

My kids were excited to discover lots of DIY crafts and free games at the official Monsters Vs. Aliens site and we printed out tote bags, themed dioramas, cootie catchers and movie posters with the party friends listed in the credits, for the goodie bags.
Thanks for joining us, everyone. There's nothing like lunch and a movie with best friends.

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