Monday, March 30, 2009

If ya can't beat 'em.........beat 'em up.

We were at the Blackhawks game last night where we lost to the Vancouver Canucks with a depressing 4-0 score. Du-Jay remarked, "Hey, it's just like the last game we went to. The Lemonheads truck won the Zamboni race, the bagel won the Duncan Donuts contest, and The Blackhawks lost." Yes indeed.

So, we can drown our humiliation in coffee and a free bagle and justify our sour faces by sucking on 2 boxes of free Lemonheads. We did arrive over an hour early and scored literally the last of the Patrick Kane collectable bobble heads. The kids made another poster and we snapped off a few pixs with our favorite mascot, Tommy Hawk.

We have a family tradition of soft serve ice cream between the second and third periods, but I bumped it up by one intermission because they actually sold out of ice cream at the Islanders game earlier this month.

Dad was stuck working, so we went with our friends from the 1st Roller Derby post. They forgot their tickets and had to go back, so it was half way into the 2nd period before they made it to the seats. "I see 2 and o," said Prix, as he sqeezed in to share a seat with Sagezilla. "Who has zero?"

"Um. That would be us." I replied, causing the row behind us to crack up.

As the crowd began to yell, "You suck, Canucks." Du replied, "Unfortunately, it's us that suck."

It was Athenia's 1st game, and the kids all rocked out to Queen's "We Will Rock You", "Blitzkrieg Bop" by The Ramones and all the other rock and punk ballads that get everyone all hepped up between hockey plays. The kids weren't going to let that big goose egg on the score board wreck their rockin' good time.

"I'm noticing something," Dugan said, as they scored again in the beginning of the 3rd. "They're scoring once every period."

Then the big brew ha ha broke out. It was undoubtedly the biggest hocky fight I've ever witnessed! Instead of repeating, I'll paste a link to Puck Daddy's blog, since he so eloquently summed up the whole amusing deal, including a great video. The brutal ballet was performed to the score of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday." It's well worth a look.

All in all, we had a fun time. And we're still rooting you on. "GO BLACKHAWKS". It's not over yet.

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