Monday, March 23, 2009

Northpark Nature Center 28th Annual Maple Syrup Festival

23 familiar faces

11 deer in the woods

9 sausages (which Zilla recently discovered contained her name)

6 pancakes with hot maple syrup

5 Fuji apples from the fruit stand

3 drips of sap tasted directly from the Maple, which we thanked for sharing

3 bottomless cups of delicious coffee and a cup of hot cocoa with DIY whipped cream (and two brave guys,
playing great tunes, who handed over the whipped cream to a 5 yr. old)

2 dream catcher bracelets for $5--one of which is lost already

2 Rastafarians, who waved us into line in front of them, for syrup tasting--hot off the fire

2 birthday coincidences, from a family of our friends, where we discovered not one,
but two sets, of our kids have birthdays 1 day apart from each other and all on the 11th or 12th of respective M. starting months!

2 Hipfamilies

1 Other child with Sagezilla's name--dubbed "Big Sage" or "Winter Sage"-- who we run into a few times a year

1 very cool dress for an early b-day present for Mama

1 spicy packet of cajun pumpkin seeds and 1 bag of honey candy

1 story teller in the woods who took Du and Zilla's request for the Native American Skeleton Woman tale, from Polar Adventure Day, which spawned months of creepy voiced "HONEY HUNGRY............" quotes at home.

warm and gorgeous Spring Sunday

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