Thursday, April 2, 2009

Super Frogie

Window clings have become one of our new favorite things. We've had the plastic ones for years-- the ones you have to hit up with a soapy sponge to get them to stick. But we've recently discovered some new uber sticky ones that look like stiff Jello and adhere on their own, even after repeated removal and re-flinging. Our living room picture window has become a new canvas and target all in one. Fun fun.

I first got some of the sticky gel clings at Christmas time and the kids had a blast mixing and matching pieces of the moose and bear in scarves, the snowflakes and the cupcakes. Why be normal? The hybrid mear and boose critters got crowned with the cupcake cups to become royalty. In January, those went into a baggie for next year, and I found two sets of Valentine clings.

Then February came and went and we bagged up the pink and red heart bonanza. I went back to Strack and Van Til and found two sets of St. Patrick's Day clings. The kids rearranged all the sticky letters in Irish into abstract designs and were elated to find all the shamrocks were made up of 4 green hearts. Then March marched onward and we bagged up the green clings.

Back to the grocery I went, and discovered two sets of spring themed gel clings. One had an abundance of flowers and the other spelled out Spring Fever and had a bunch of smaller posies. This has been my favorite "installation" by far. I left the room to run some loads of laundry while the kids were happily flowering the window.

When I came back, fully expecting to see Spring Fever, I was instead greeted by the infinitely cooler, SUPER FROGIE. The kids had rearranged all the letters and improvised a flower for the "o" and a stem and flower center for the "i". Another stem and the "v" from fever became a large, green arrow pointing to the royal amphibian, who was wearing a red, tulip crown. What says spring like the frog prince?

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  1. I especially like what I take to be his black tongue reaching out to zap some lunch!