Saturday, February 28, 2009

Polar Adventure Day--February

Spring is on the way and we bid you farewell, Winter. The thermometer may still be registering sub-zero temperatures, but Chicago's Polar Adventure day was Winter's last big hurrah. The Husky teams were back with sled pulling demos.

The Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation people were back with a red tailed hawk and a turkey vulture this time. And our old favorites, Nadeau's ice sculpture carvers, risked frozen fingers to meld chunks of ice into creative designs.

A new story telling duo impressed everyone with stories from Africa, including folktales from Ghana.

They brought a wide array of percussion instruments the kids were invited to play. Mad Science had a booth and captivated kids with experiments involving balloons, dry ice, food coloring and bubbles. We had seen them at Midsommerfest in Andersonville and West Fest, where we made our own super balls and slime, but we'd never seen them represented at Polar Adventure Day.We expanded our collection of free Polar Adventure mugs and enjoyed hot chocolate while we heard a pitch for camping in the Indiana dunes and earning Jr. Ranger badges. The kids earned Wisconsin Jr. Ranger badges last summer and two National Parks badges (or badgers as Sagezilla dubbed them at age 3) two years ago, so they were eager to hear how to expand their Ranger resumes.

The kids also made bubble art in multicolored patterns.A fresh blanket of snow provided a scenic setting for the festivities. As usual, we were all happy we made the trek out to Northerly Island. This coming Sunday is the Polar Plunge into Lake Michigan, and then we will be happy to leave all things Polar till next year, for welcome signs of Spring.

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