Tuesday, October 31, 2017

PHOTO FEATURE: ChiIL Mama's Adventures at The Dill Pickle Food Co-Op Grand Opening Celebration

What's green and new and next to the blue? 
The Dill Pickle Food Co-Op's excellent expanded home! 

Yes, there's a newcomer next to the Logan Square Blue Line "L" stop that's bike friendly, neighborhoody, and full of loads of fresh local finds, organic goodies, bulk buys, and more. It's locally owned by your neighbors, but anyone can shop there, not just co-op members. Have you stopped in yet? You can see the cheerful, bright green roof from blocks away, and the inside is just as colorful and welcoming.

October was an exciting month for The Dill Pickle Co-Op. They've been around since 2009, in a much smaller space on Fullerton, but their new Milwaukee Avenue home will allow them to grow and really come into their own. Here's our photo recap of the first hours of their grand opening party in the new space earlier this month. 

They had a day long celebration packed with live music, dance, martial arts, bounce house fun and crafts for the littles, and loads of vendor samples/coupons/demos. We were lucky to catch a fantastic Capoeira demo.

Check out our full photo feature in the slideshow here and more favorites below:

Back in the day, when I heard the word food co-op, it conjured up dusty images of wholesome hippies stocking barrels of grains and aisles of bulk bins, with 20 types of granola. 

The Dill Pickle Co-Op is so much more. Sure, they have great bulk bin deals, but also a host of fabulous vegan, vegetarian, and carnivore finds, and eco-friendly non food items too. They have plenty of frozen items that are quick to fix. They also have loads of love for the locals, stocking a plethora of fresh produce, dairy and meat from farms in the region. And their homemade hummus is to die for.

This spot is sure to be an "L" commuter hit, on the way to or from work. They have a liquor license, a gorgeous salad bar, coffee bar, ready made sandwiches and lots of great grab n go items. They even have kombucha machines, in case keeping a kombucha scoby alive to DIY seems like a daunting task.

Family Friendly:
My kids are teens now, but it wasn't long ago that both were in tow, just about every time I went shopping. The Dill Pickle Food Co-Op loves littles, and has kid sized carts, goodies and a club, to make shopping with your offspring less stress.

The Dill Pickle Food Co-Op also has coupons and rockin' specials. They've joined with a collective of other co-ops for bulk purchasing power and better discounts. And they pass on the savings locally. The profits stay in our neighborhood, too.

Come on by and check it out! All are welcome. We bought a $250 share as owners, at a very reasonable $10 a month. This gives my family extra coupons, discounts and the chance for even deeper discounts with a work/barter program of a couple hours a week as a HOO (Hands On Owner). Here's their website, so you can keep up with happenings, sales, and more. Also follow them on social media on Facebook and Twitter.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Dill Pickle Co-Op! We'll be in to shop like we vote in Chi, IL... early and often!

 Click image to check out current specials, join, or see more info 

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