Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Adventures With Mother's Day and

The best Mother's Day present I ever received was my daughter, Sage, who was actually born on Mother's Day 2003! This happy coincidence comes with an added bonus. My parents want to spend the kids' birthdays with them, so for the past five years they've been booking travel with and coming to Chicago for visits every March and May. In fact, they're coming again in a few days! I'm lucky to get to celebrate Mother's Day in person with both my mom and my kids, so I was thrilled when asked me to partner up with them on a sponsored post for Mother's day 2016 and their 10th anniversary.

It's amazing is celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year and my parents have been making multiple trips for half that time now. They've actually befriended other passengers that they have stayed in touch with for years. They love the free wifi, affordable tickets, and the ease of booking and travel. To me, one of the best benefits of is the peace of mind I feel knowing my parents aren't alone, weaving around speeding semi trucks on a 6 hour drive. They're traveling in comfort and leaving the driving to the pros. 

They've even taken my son home with them, for a multigenerational vacation. A trip with is an adventure for accompanied kids. The grandparents and my son could relax and read books and play games together instead of negotiating traffic. My parents said all their drivers have been friendly and professional and some are comedians with witty one liners that had the whole bus laughing. 

Over the years, for Mother's Day, I've given and received jewelry, handmade art, spa visits, flowers and more. It's great to feel appreciated and pampered. Still, the things I adore most are travel and spending time with my family and friends. 

Mother's Day is a time for many wistful long distance calls from kids scattered across the country. In a survey did, it's not surprising a majority of customers miss their moms (64%). Many say mom would cry tears of joy if they surprised her with a trip (53%) or an unannounced visit (46%). We've never popped in unannounced, but some of the best trips we've had have been 3 generation vacations where we traveled with my parents and kids. 

Sometime the best present is your presence! According to the survey, more people are planning to go home for Mother’s Day, over a spa or the beach. Book your own trip home to surprise your mom, or take her with you on a fun getaway. It's an eco-friendly way to travel that's easy on the earth and easy on your wallet. You'll stress less when you book travel with Read more about their history and 10 year anniversary right here.

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