Wednesday, November 18, 2015

ChiIL Mama's German and Spanish Brainstream BeepEgg Singing Breakfast Party With Ines Rosales' Tortas

Our family loves hard and soft boiled eggs, but it's hard to get the timing right. Now anyone can make a perfect egg with Brainstream and the singing BeepEgg!

Disclosure: Thanks to Tryazon, Brainstream and Ines Rosales tortas, we got to eat Spanish tortas, try this creative German egg timer out, give a couple away, and have a rockin' multi-culti breakfast party last weekend! They provided us with samples for our giveaway and for review purposes.

Here are our two BeepEgg winners -- Beth & Peggy!

I'm half German and we're renowned for our engineering and inventive problem solving. So, I can appreciate the background on this ingenious egg. Dr. Rupprecht Gabriel, a German engineer and entrepreneur, was always annoyed by his poorly boiled breakfast eggs. They were either too runny or too hard. In 2000, he decided to solve the problem and the BeepEgg was born-an egg shaped timer that could sing and float. Shortly thereafter Gabriel formed a creative team and Brainstream became an enterprise. Brainstream strives to impress their customers with their “fun and functional” products. Their line of products include BeepEgg, Cregg, SOI-the automatic handbag light, and more. 

The BeepEgg- looks like an egg, feels like an egg, boils like an egg, but unlike an egg it sings. BeepEgg is a precise egg-timer, which is boiled together with real eggs. The BeepEgg and real eggs have to enter water at the same time. Once yolk and egg-white have reached the desired degree of hardness, BeepEgg will play a tune. 

Watch a video here to see how it works:

To make our breakfast party even more multi-culti, we also got to sample 2 flavors of Ines Rosales' Spanish-tortas, sweet olive oil & savory olive oil. 

Ines Rosales is a company that originates from Seville, Spain and is the manufacturer of famous original Spanish-tortas. These tortas are flat circular scone-like biscuits, about 5" in diameter, that are made with natural ingredients like wheat flour, sugar, spices and superior quality extra virgin olive oil. It’s a perfect mix of salty and sweet following the exact same recipes as it's founder, Doña Inés Rosales Cabello, came up with back in 1910. 

Ines Rosales torta flavors include: Sweet Olive, Cinnamon, Seville Orange, Rosemary & Thyme, and Sesame & Sea Salt.  Other Ines Rosales Products include Citrus Crumble Cake and Cinnamon Cookie. Click here for more information about Ines Rosales.

BeepEgg From Brainstream is Beepin' Brilliant

This singing and floating-egg timer will ensure that your eggs are boiled to perfection every time. Designed to work at all altitudes and under all conditions, this innovative device constantly monitors the outer temperature to calculate the core temperature of the egg. The beeps let you know what your eggs are doing in all that water. The 1st beep is triggered when the water temperature reaches 113 degrees Fahrenheit and is simply letting you know the BeepEgg is working. The 2nd beep means the water has started to boil. 

The three tunes correspond to the hardness of the eggs being boiled. The first tune, ""Oh Susanna,"" indicates that the egg is soft-boiled (eggwhite soft and the yolk runny); the second tune, ""Take me out to the Ballgame,"" indicates that the egg is medium-soft boiled (the eggwhite is hard and the yolk is still slightly runny), while the third tune, ""Hail, Hail the Gang's all Here,"" indicates that the eggs are hard-boiled (the yolk is hard, but not discolored from overcooking). 

For best care and results, always store BeepEgg with real eggs as this prolongs the battery life and the BeepEgg works on a thermal model which functions best when it starts off at the same temperature as the real eggs. The BeepEgg is optimized for medium to large eggs; add approximately 30 seconds when cooking extra-large eggs. Never use BeepEgg in a microwave or in a sauce pan without water. The BeepEgg is made in Germany and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Currently on sale for $19.99 (save $4.00)

Disclosure: Once again, thanks to Tryazon, Brainstream and Ines Rosales tortas, we got to eat Spanish tortas, try this creative German egg timer out, give a couple away, and have a rockin' multi-culti breakfast party last weekend! They provided us with samples for our giveaway and for review purposes.

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