Thursday, March 26, 2015

OPENING: Redmoon Theatre's Devil's Cabaret The Next 3 Fridays (21+) #ChiILPicksList

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This one's for the big kids AKA: adults (21+). Opening night is SOLD OUT already so stop slacking and buy your tickets before it's too late! This is going to be EPIC. ChiIL Live Shows will be there... will YOU?!


ONLY $25 (21+)  2120 S Jefferson, Chicago

Also: Rumor has it, there's going to be a gay friendly Redmoon "Take Over" Via The Welcoming Committee on April 10th. It's still an open to the public (of all persuasions) show, but you can get your "take over" tickets here and rock a wrist band to find your pack! 

When TWC learned of Red Moon Theater, the 57,000 square-foot warehouse that puts on spectacle performances designed to “engineer wonder” and “promote community and creativity” … we were intrigued. When we found out they regularly bring 1,000 people to these performance events but the LGBT community was missing … we knew we had to take it over.

Experience thrilling spectacle performances celebrating the Devil’s “greatest accomplishments” - The Seven Deadly Sins - while enjoying unlimited tastes from Lagunitas' craft beer bar. A 30’ tall crane tower equipped with multiple stages will be the centerpiece within Redmoon’s massive warehouse and will feature an eclectic mix of performances by aerialists, drummers, a rock-n-roll band, DJ, video wall, unique puppets, and “a special appearance by God.”
Ready to indulge your Lust and Gluttony while celebrating Pride? It’s time to unearth all our red satin and Hot Topic getup that hasn’t seen the sun since ever, because we’re descending into a hellmouth of burlesque. Red Moon’s The Devil's Cabaret is April 10, and we’re taking over each flaming circle.

How do you find TWC in the crowd? First, meet us at the pre-party so you know exactly who you're attending with. But once you check in at Redmoon you’ll be handed a bright green wristband so that you can seek out other TWC members in the crowd that night. Redmoon can hold as many as 1,000 people and often sells out their events, but with our pre-party and wristbands you’ll find your new BFFs in no time.

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