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A Kid's Eye View: Mako Mermaids Season 2 Makes a Splash on Netflix #StreamTeam #GuestPost #NetflixKids #Sage

Here at ChiIL Mama our whole family has enjoyed watching the Mako Mermaids since the original H2O episodes so we were pretty happy to hear that another full season was going to be added to Netflix this month! When Netflix Stream Team asked my daughter to check out the series and guest post, we were even more excited! (*We’d like to give Stream Team kids a chance to test the waters of what it’s like to be a blogger. So we’re asking your daughter to post a guest review of Mako Mermaids on your blog.) 

Check out 11 year old Sage's guest post/review on Mako Mermaids below.

Disclosure: ChiIL Mama is a proud member of the Netflix Stream Team. We've been compensated for sharing monthly posts with our readers.  As always, all opinions are our own.

The mermaids are back: season 2 of Mako Mermaids, a Netflix original series for kids, started streaming as of Feb. 13, only on Netflix. 

Sage Words:
Hi I’m Sage, and I’m 11. I’m reviewing Mako Mermaids season 2. Lots of kids are excited Mako Mermaids is on Netflix now. I just watched 7 episodes over a few days. They’re only 24 minutes with no commercials so it’s easy to watch a few, especially when they start the next one automatically. There are 39 episodes so I won’t run out any time soon. 

I love the underwater reef photography. The shots are so cool. It’s shot in Australia so it’s beautiful and everyone’s accents are cool, but not hard to understand. They’re good episodes. My mom used to pretend she was a mermaid when she was little and had hair down to her waist. I always pretended I was an otter. I think anyone from about 2nd grade and up would like this show. 

I think season 2 isn’t as good as the original H2O episodes, but it’s better than Mako Mermaids season one. I like this one because it’s more of a mystery. And they have more magic powers. It’s a little weird when they switch actresses for season 2 without an explanation, but keep one the same.  In the first original season of H20 there was more physical comedy around humans becoming mermaids by accident and trying to protect themselves from getting splashed and turning. Now there are still human mermaids but also girls who are born mermaids getting used to having legs, and pretending to be land people. It’s a little weird there are mermen now, but it can lead to more story ideas. And the boys’ tails are cooler because they’re blue instead of orangie.  I’m not a big fan of Serena singing in a lot of the new episodes, but I don’t really mind either. I just don’t think it adds much.

If you liked the original H20: Just Add Water episodes you can still go back and watch those on Netflix too. I highly recommend those more than Mako Mermaids even. They’re my favorites.

Stream Team sent Sage a super cool Mako Mermaids Island Escape “BeachBox” kit as a thank you for guest posting. She was thrilled with her tropical scented lotions, lip balms and polish. 

My Mako Mermaid goodie box was very nice and now I smell good. Thanks Netflix! It’s 35 below zero wind chill right now in Chicago where I live, and it’s summer in Australia. I like winter but it’s fun to watch adventures on a tropical island while I’m snuggled under an electric fleece blanket by the fire. I want to be an actress and if I had a chance to audition to be a Mako Mermaid I would totally do it as long as I could move back after we shot the season. But I don’t know if I have strong enough swimming skills. I can hold my breath for a pretty long time and I can do the mermaid swim with my feet together like a tail. 

When a young merman finds he has a powerful connection with Mako Island, a pod of mermaids have their lives turned upside down. As they struggle to take back control, the mermaids discover that his link with Mako might not be an accident. Dive into an all-new season of Mako Mermaids.

The other great thing about watching stuff on Netflix besides no commercials is it’s easy to find stuff. I have my own name and kid settings and it shows me recently watched stuff plus suggestions like stuff I watched, From Books, Comedies, Animated, Girl Power, Popular, Watch With Family and more. Thanks for reading. Bye.

Disclosure: Once again, ChiIL Mama is a proud member of the Netflix Stream Team. We've been compensated for sharing monthly posts with our readers.  As always, all opinions are our own.

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