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Netflix Giveaway & 10 Pop Culture Picks for Your Mini Me On Netflix #Giveaway #Streamteam #NetflixKids

Disclosure:  ChiIL Mama is a proud member of the Netflix Stream Team. We've been compensated for sharing monthly posts with our readers.  All opinions are our own.

This month with the Stream Team and Netflixs Kids we're hitting the way way back machine.

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One of the great joys of parenting we didn't expect is the fun of sharing your own pop culture favorites with your kids.  It's so much fun to introduce them to movies, music and theatre you love and to experience it again anew through their eyes.

Netflix makes it easy to find TV shows and movies from the recent and far distant past, and share them with your kids.  We've done this all along, making sure we're staying age appropriate. Now that my kids are 10 & 13 there's even more out there that they're old enough to dig.  

Lately we've been enjoying the customizable menu settings for each family member. My 10 year old has a kid friendly setting for the 12 and under set that pops up great suggestions based on what she's choosing.  And I don't have to micromanage her decision making for fear of mature content.

What We're Watching:
Of course we're big fans of parents knowing their own kids maturity level and what will freak them out vs. a hard and fast age rating.  That said, here are some of ChiIL Mama's ChiIL Picks you can search out on Netflix.

1.  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (I love it as a kid but didn't fully appreciate it till I rewatched it with my own kids. Remind you of James Bond a bit... with the goofy girls' names and wacky inventions? There's a reason. It was written by Ian Fleming, too, and produced by Albert Broccoli, who produced many of the Bond films! Road Dahl adapted it for the screen. Didja know Benny Hill is in it, too?)

2.  Jumanji

3.  Favs from our formative Years:  Spaceballs/Men in Black/Ghost Busters

4.  Johnny Depp Fest (You can even search by people!): Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man, Cry Baby, What's Eating Gilbert Grape

5. Journey to the Center of the Earth (the classic): You can search "related to" to find the originals that current hits are based on and other similar picks.

6. Dr Who--from the classics to the present.  The classics go back to 1963 and are cheesy and mellow enough for most elementary age kids.  The new ones are much more intense but there are loads of tween and teen fans of the long running BBC series.

7.  Super Hero Movies: There are a zillion choices for littles, tweens and up under their own "Superheroes" Tab. We just watched a bunch of the Spiderman movies & Marvel's Avengers.

8.  Our Recent Favs On The Under 12 Settings:  James and the Giant Peach/The Croods/Escape from Planet Earth/ Nightmare Before Christmas

9.  On the under 12 settings there's even a "Girl Power" tab!  Here are our current favs on that one:  Mulan/ Spy Kids/ Lilo & Stitch/H2O/ and A Wrinkle in Time

10.  Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and loads of great marshal arts films

**Check out our past Netflix Kids coverage here. Update:  I'm stoked to report my 13 year old son WON at his school AND at The Metro Junior History Fair at DePaul University and is advancing to STATE in Springfield, IL!! He has written a script with another classmate, and is performing a theatrical piece as Levi Day Boone, Mayor of Chicago, during the Lager Beer Riot of 1855, complete with recreated newspapers of the time, old timey wimey wire rimmed glasses, and an impressive beard!

Disclosure:  Once again, ChiIL Mama is a proud member of the Netflix Stream Team. We've been compensated for sharing monthly posts with our readers.  All opinions are our own.

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