Saturday, November 24, 2012

Got My Car? #greatcarhunt #Chevy #GMC

G. M. C....Got My Car?!

The great car hunt has begun in earnest now that winter's nearly here.  We're a family that keeps our cars, and my 1996 RAV4 has been an excellent car.   Still, it's getting to be time to say goodbye for something Chicago weather worthy that won't cost more to fix than it's worth.

We're super stoked to be able to borrow a Chevy Equinox for an extended test drive for a week, starting this Monday.  We'll have photo and video filled features for you as our Great Car Hunt progresses.   We're looking for a crossover to take us through the next decade of family life and beyond.   With kids who are 9 & 11, I've still got a good 5 years of full time family taxi driver detail before we have an eligible young driver.   Yet, he's already taller than me, so back seat space and leg room has to factor in, too.

Safety, is a no brainer, and we're looking for something that will still go in the snow, with good traction.   We're also looking for dependability, longevity, staying power, and fuel efficency.   We need a car that acts like a truck for hauling camping gear, groceries, a Husky and a 100+ pound Akita.   We need something still short enough to be able to parallel park in the city with ease, and negotiate urban traffic.

I'm very excited about this adventure and that we'll be able to bring our readers along for the ride.   

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