Friday, February 10, 2012

Chicago Auto Show 2012-ChiIL Mama's Photo Filled Sneak Peek

Double click on the slideshow to go to the SmugMug site for easy, one click sharing options and more.    This is ChiIL Mama's full set of The 2012 Chicago Auto Show Sneak Peek Shots.   Enjoy!

We spent the whole day yesterday, checkin' out the 2012 Chicago Auto Show.   It was massive, amazing and super cool to get a first look at all the advances in design and safety for 2013.   Thanks to GM for inviting us to their social media brunch.   They're just coming off a huge Super Bowl win with their Chevy ad taking the lead as Top Commercial of Super Bowl XLVI, according to

GM is also the leader of the pack in social media outreach, with a strong presence in the Chicago market.   This may be the year I finally replace my aging RAV4, so I was paying close attention at the auto show.   GM has offered to loan us a vehicle in the near future, and we'll have tales to tell.   We're angling to borrow something that seats at least 6, as we're still in the heart of the carpool days, and can't stick the grandparents in the trunk when they visit.  

I can't wait to check out the Mamability factor. women do care about what's under the hood, safety ratings and comfort factors in addition to what color it comes in.   Though I would be elated if my next crossover just happened to be out in cobalt blue.   I spend a LOT of time driving the kids all over town for activities and we live for road trips, so I'm very invested in doing the research and figuring out what's the best car for our family.   Some days I literally spend more time in the car than in my own house, so my home away from home needs to be safe, fun, functional and spacious enough for 2 big dogs, 2 growing kids, and our active, rock n roll life style.

I've always owned Toyotas, from my first car through the RAV4 I drive today.   My husband has had a wide range of vehicles, including the 69 VW bug, dune buggy that still inhabits half our garage space, that we have hopes of getting running by the time our soon to be 11 year old son turns 16.   Dug's current car is a Montero Sport SUV.   As a teen, he had a Jeep that flipped over and ended up in a police auction that he then rebuilt, and a range of GM cars.   So we're not married to one manufacturer only.   Like most families, we want a car that's made well and will provide us with reliability, comfort, safety and fuel efficiency without breakin' the bank.
I had a chance to take a ride in Toyota's hybrid Highlander and their self parking Prius.   I've never been in an SUV where the driver could take his foot off the break on a steep incline and have the vehicle stick in place!    They have a fun course set up to look like Monopoly and at the end you collect $200 in Toyota Monopoly $, a reusable bag and a sweet, green, Prius coffee travel mug.   Very cool!    You can also sign up to drive a Chevy Volt, get a little taste of luxury and speed at Chrysler's track, or check out some traction action and off roading from Jeep.

Kidding Around:
Are you bringing littles to the auto show, or are you a big kid yourself who likes to play and be creative?    Stop by Chevy's Family Fun area and grab Blackhawks players posters, try out some games and enter to win the sweet black and white Blackhawks Camaro--I mighta drooled on it a bit, peeping in the window.   We're huge fans.    You can also let the small tots test drive their own kiddy Jeeps while you roll with the big boys on their indoor hill, and check out tasty treats all over the venue.   

Chevy hosted other favorite activities, like the surreal Camaro TimeSplice photos.  Check out my Chevy Camaro ZL1 Carbon Concept TimeSplice photo at CAS.
You can also get creative by designing your own buttons,  leaving your mark on their dry erase walls, and even mixing your own tunes!

After the Auto Show:
If you're in town visiting for the auto show, or you're lucky to be a local......there are a bunch of great shows and events going on this weekend, so get out and see these while you can.

There are a ton of events we just gave away tickets to, shot video interviews and/or still at, and reviewed.    Browse around for our favorites like Cirque du Soleil's Quidam (2 video interviews posted), The Houdini Box (4 video interviews coming soon, including Brian Selznick-Hugo Cabret author/illustrator & Oscar nominee!!)   We also have given away 4 free tickets and will have 4 new ones to win up soon).  

Remember to check out ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often.  We give away loads of free tickets and fun toys, CDs and goodies.  We feature photo and video filled previews and recaps and interview some pretty interesting characters as well.

The Chicago Auto Show-(The Nation's largest!) runs for the next 10 days.   Check out their main site here for show hours, discounts, schedule, parking details, directions, and more.

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