Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sagezilla and Du-Jay's Adventures at Raging Waves Water Park

Awesome Aussie Fun
Back in June, we took a trip down under......down under Chicago, that is, and down under raging waves of water at Illinois largest water park.   

We got a kick out of the Australian Theme and were impressed with the size and scope of Raging Waves.   Check out their web site for videos, cool special events updates, and an interactive map to plan your visit.

Check out our ChiIL slide show below.   
Double click on the photo for full screen options.

There are an impressive array of water slides for all levels of daring, a cool kids play area, beaches, a lazy river for inner tubing, loads of lounge chairs, and tasty food.

Du-Jay had a blast body surfing and jumping the waves at The Great Barrier Reef.

But half of our jr. review team was on the injured reserve list and had to sit this one out.   Sagezilla took on the roll of designated jr. photographer and created her own fun with a disposable, Raging Waves themed camera.

Since Zilla couldn't get her cast wet and was feeling a little left out, she got to choose a design and get an airbrush tattoo.


Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
"The Next Generation"

While lil sis got inked up, Du-Jay took a relaxing inner tube ride on Kookaburra Creek.

It was pretty quick to get there, too.   Raging Waves is located 45 minutes south west of the Chicago Loop in Yorkville.

Thunder Down Under

Unfortunately, the day turned ominous, and thunder storms and a deluge, caused the park to close till the storms passed, so we headed out early. Now that Sagezilla's cast-free, we can't wait to give Raging Waves another go, on a warmer, storm free day.

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