Monday, July 12, 2010

Folk and Roots Fest--Year 13

We had a blast at the 13th annual Folk and Roots Fest in Wells Park.   

The Old Town School of Folk Music always does a fabulous job booking world class line ups.   

Multitaskin' Mama D'Arcy had the good sense to split out while we were still using the beach umbrella for shade!
The rest of us stuck it out till the soggy end.   Despite intermittent drizzle, we loved hanging out with friends and checking out the creative artisans and fair trade goods.   As the adults all huddled under our giant beach umbrella, the kids ran in the rain, played soccer and Frisbee and splashed in the puddles, unfazed.  The band, Red Baraat, was a huge favorite and they're making a couple more Chicago appearances this week.   Here's what The Reader has to say:

MUSICRed Baraat "Indian brass-band music remains largely unknown in the West, but its furious polyphonic puffing and rollicking grooves are a staple at wedding celebrations on the subcontinent," writes Peter Margasak. New York brass band Red Baraat "combines the fizzy, exuberant melodies of bhangra—along with its propulsive dhol drumming—with the second-line funk of a New Orleans funeral, and pulls it off without insulting either tradition."WEDNESDAY @ MARTYRS', THURSDAY @ SPIRIT OF MUSIC GARDEN

There was nothing unlucky about 13, until the final act, when the light rains degenerated into a show stopping downpour, just as the final band took the stage.   As thunder and lightening descended, everyone was encouraged to pack it in and call it an early night.   Thank goodness for family & friends sized beach umbrellas!   We left ours up and attempted to stay under it, while we dashed 3 blocks to the car, eliciting laughter and grins from a lotta soaked strangers.   

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