Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beach Meet Sunday Slide Show

Today, Du-Jay and Sagezilla were both very excited to take part in a 20 year old Chicago tradition.......The Chicago Park District BEACH MEET at 63rd Street Beach on Chi Town's south side.

Here's a slideshow.   Double click on the photo below for full screen options.

It was like a family reunion.   Back in the day......8 years ago, we joined Chicago Park District's Gymnastics Family with a Mom's, Pops and Tots class when Dugan was 1 year old.   Our first and favorite instructor was Miss Jessica, and Juan was Director at Avondale.   Now Juan has just been promoted to head the gymnastics program city wide, and we got to see Jessica at the awards table, too.

In the intervening years, we've stuck with gymnastics and had many coaches and classes at several different parks.   But it's always fun to go to meets and see those first familiar faces from the past.   

Zilla was in Gymnastics Camp at Avondale Park 2 weeks ago and will return again for another session.   She was happy to work with Coach Maya at the Beach Meet, and see several more familiar faces.   The kids still love both gymnastics and tumbling, and we hope to continue growing and advancing for years to come.   

Zilla is still just a few weeks out of her month in a cast, for an ariel cartwheel related ankle fracture.  So she's been going easy on the landings and still getting her muscles strengthened up in physical therapy, but she was game to try a short routine for the beach meet.

It was a unique experience to compete outside in the sand and sun.    Rumor has it, that red, fuzzy mat is HOT on the bare feet!   We had to hunker down in a short thunder storm, but things blew over fast and the kids were up and tumblin' again in no time, on a slightly cooler surface.

 We'll have a ball with the Beach Meet Beach Balls and gymnastics drink cups all the entrants got.   Swag rocks.

Du-Jay was elated to win a 2nd place medal and Sagezilla was a bit disappointed with her 4th place ribbon, but we were proud of both of them.   She did a remarkable job, considering that she's working back in from being injured.
Icy cold Lake Michigan felt fantastic, as all the athletes cooled down and celebrated, after the meet.   We can't wait to do it again next year.

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