Thursday, July 29, 2010

8 Days a Week We ♥ Paul Frank

Sagezilla and Du-Jay's love for the Small Paul characters began with the first Kidzapalooza, years ago.   Since then, I've gone thrift store treasure hunting and found upwards of 25 Small Paul tees & PJs for the kids.   They're so well made they really hold up.   And the characters are classic, funky fun, even if they're from years past.

When we were packing for a week out of town, Sagezilla (all on her own) decided on an all Paul theme and brought 8 Small Paul t-shirts.  

We were still outta town, and 4 days through the all Paul wardrobe, when we came across the Paul Frank Favorite Flashback Contest.   So we just have to spread the word.  

We still love our comfy old favorites.  

8 days a week, she luu...uh...uh...uh...uvs Julius and Skurvy and all their friends.   Now Sagezilla's been checkin' out the sweet Skurvy bike to match her wardrobe.   Even with my awesome thrift karma, I doubt I can pull that one out of a hat.

Vote for chiIL Mama so we can win some sweet sunglasses and other Paul Frank goodies, or send in your own entry.   Why should the kids have all the fun?!   

Mama wants some sweet sunglasses.

Vintage is cool.   However... there's nothin' like a wardrobe upgrade, and new designs rock! 

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