Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Win A Disc Wednesdays: Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies

Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies 
are our win-a-disc-Wednesday 
feature, and are they a tasty treat!

Enter any time from now till midnight next Tuesday.   
Winner will be announced Wednesday, June 9th.  
Information is confidential.

You'll feel a little naughty, like a kid caught with 
her hand in the cookie jar, when you say the 
name of this rockin', folky kid disc,   
"Muddy Water Beaver Dam Band".   We love a 
band with a sense of humor!   Enter here to win 
your very own copy.

If you haven't discovered Mr. Singer 
& The Sharp Cookies yet, you're in for a delightful
surprise. We love to feature Chi Town locals, and 
Neil Firstenleit, that's Mr. Singer to YOU, is one of 
the best.

Mr. Singer is a regular fixture at the Lincoln Park 
Zoo story time, and well worth checking
out, if you still have preschoolers in tow.


You can also check out the whole beaver 
dam band June 12th, at another one of our favorite 
summer festivals.   Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies 
will be at Andersonville's Midsommerfest.

This disc is so much fun.   There are catchy 
originals with creative lyrics, and folk classics with 
new twists.   I was just getting into their sweet 
version of "This Little Light of Mine" when they 
snuck in the lyrics,  "Are we gonna trash our 
neighbor's house?  No." and had me cracking up.

They're a fun mix of punk, snark, and folk and 
they're just silly enough, without being 
condescending or annoying, to have the kids and 
grown ups laughing and singing along.

I've heard rumors that (like our friends, 
The Boogers) they cover The Ramones live, and 
do a rockin' version of "Rockaway Beach".   

It's no wonder they won a children's music web 
award for "Best Album for School Aged Children" 
for "Muddy Water Beaver Dam Band".   

Here's what CD Baby has to say:
Chicago’s favorite new kid’s band has just completed work on an epic, original album involving more than one hundred children singers and forty guest musicians.

The Sharp Cookies’ irrepressibly-delightful, "Muddy Water Beaver Dam Band" is a true concept album, filled with unforgettable musical characters like Ella Gorilla, Rathputin the Rattlethnake, the Singing Strummer, Rudy Rockhopper and The Subway Mouse. The delightful denizens of the Sharp Cookies’ sonic universe are given wonderful visual dimensions in an accompanying sixteen-page booklet by Chicago artist and photographer, Kerry Firstenleit.

In their previous lives as Chicago stage and studio pros, the founding members of the Sharp Cookies worked with everyone from Aretha Franklin, the Temptations to Buddy Guy. Now they are bringing their monstrous chops, technical wizardry and musical passion to the main stages of classic children’s venues.

"Muddy Water Beaver Dam Band" is the culmination of inspired horseplay at the soundstages of Horse-drawn Productions and schools throughout Chicagoland. The Sharp Cookies irrepressible front man, Mr. Singer has an infectious knack for drawing unsuspecting folks into his musical web. Scores of kids, parents, educators and musicians have lent their high spirits and sweet voices to the Muddy Water Beaver Dam Band project. The result is a soaring, eclectic, enduring delight.

Check out the Sharp Cookies web site for future shows, 
photos and press, tee's and CDs.   And don't forget
to enter to win your own dam CD, in 
ChiIL Mama's 

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