Friday, June 18, 2010

Pre-Sweden 2010

Friday, June 18th...........a red letter day.   Sagezilla finally got her cast off after a month of uni-footin' it with crutches and a broken ankle from a no handed cartwheel gone bad.

My "little sister", who has been taller than me for about 25 years--as she likes to point out--flew in from near Portland, Oregon in near monsoon conditions.   Her flight landed early and then all subsequent flights were promptly grounded as Chicago got caught in a deluge and high winds.   

We were in the car at the time and saw a whole 6' sidewalk stack of dog crates blow over, and a street full of people's umbrellas invert.   She got to spend the day and well into the night, watching the "pack a family of 4 for 14 days abroad without strangling anyone" show.

Saturday we all leave for a 3 generation, 7 person, once in a lifetime, Swedish holiday.   

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