Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweden 2010

We'll be catching our readers up with 2 weeks worth of photos and fun in Sweden with Du-Jay and Sagezilla, as WiFi and time between adventures allows.   Right now we're chiILin' at Siljan lake in the Dalarna region.   Tomorrow we're off to spend a day at Bear Park in Orsa and Thursday through Sunday will bring a miriad of authentic midsummer celebrations.

It's now nearing midnight Rattvik time, so I'll just leave you with two photos to contemplate for the moment.   Our first full day in Sweden, we spent with old friends in Uppsala.   When we toured the gorgeous, ancient Uppsala Cathedral on the university campus, I was struck by the compelling mix of pagan and Christian symbolism and will post a full slideshow soon.   

Among the ancient tombs, we came upon a stained glass window of a knight who bears an extreme likeness to Neil Fallon, lead singer for the metal band, Clutch.   Their concert tees proclaim Ragnarok and their lyrics are laiden with ancient mythology and Christian allegory.   Here are a few more Neil pixs.

Is Neil Fallon a reincarnated Swedish knight, or just a 21st century rocker from Maryland?   You decide.   Ragnarok indeed!

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