Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweden 2010-Day 4-Tuesday, June 22

We all needed a down day, to sleep in and relax.   We walked around the small town of Rattvik and ate amazing local strawberries and cinnamon rolls. 

Then we wandered near the cabin and waded in the icy waters of crator created Lake Siljan.   The kids got a kick out of finding their friends' names and interesting words among donors carved in the wooden dock planks of a park in Persborg.

A major meteorite impact some 377 million years ago, carved out this gorgeous basin and flipped the surrounding rock formations vertical.

For dinner we spluged on a tasty local BBQ place in town, and ate on the patio.   It often rains in the area this time of year, but we've had beautiful weather so far.   The wildflowers are blooming in full force, making a colorful tapestry of vibrant purples and yellows and green, that extends from our cabin in all directions.   

We're also far enough north now that sunset is around 11pm, and it never gets truly dark, just a deep and magical blue for a few hours.   Then sunrise comes around 2am.

Here's a slide show.   Double click on the photo for full screen options.

What we've learned:   Many words are similar like mjolk for milk and oppnas har for open here.  

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