Thursday, June 10, 2010

ChiIL Mama Friday Recap: Celebrating The Blackhawks with a victory parade & Phishing with the Ultimate Jam Band

Friday:  Celebrating The Blackhawks--Stanley Cup victors for the first time in 49 years
CHICAGO -- Friday we joined an estimated 2 million fans for a ticker-tape parade to celebrate the Chicago Blackhawks' Stanley Cup-winning season. 

The Blackhawks beat the Philadelphia Flyers 4-3 in overtime Wednesday in Game 6 to clinch their first Stanley Cup championship since 1961.
Check out the official Blackhawks Website for videos, game recaps, photos and more press.   We'll have our own slide show up soon.  

Friday night we continued the celebration with a Phishing Trip to Toyota Park.   We met up with many old friends who came from out of town for the show (Tim, Danielle, Mel, Deb) and made a few new ones.   Three of our friends are teachers, and though our seats weren't with them, we met a woman behind us who is an elementary school teacher and she excitedly exclaimed that she hopes to take her own kids to Phish shows in 10 years or so, when she has a family. 

We had a tailgate picnic in the lot, and Sagezilla made the rounds with her Sharpies to get her cast signed.   I got a good work out carrying 51 pounds of kid up and down the stairs in a backpack carrier!

It was well worth the extra effort, as our seats were close and the show was lots of fun.

Down with Disease (9:38)
Wolfman's Brother (10:01)
Possum (10:11)
Boogie On Reggae Woman (5:15)
Reba (13:22)
Jesus Just Left Chicago (8:17)
The Divided Sky (14:25)
Golgi Apparatus (4:41)
David Bowie (11:28)

Light (13:41)
Maze (9:33)
Ghost (15:14)
Limb By Limb (10:43)
Prince Caspian (7:51)
The Horse (1:18)
Silent In The Morning (5:14)
Run Like an Antelope (11:14)
Show Of Life (7:17)

Cavern (4:12)
Julius (8:13)

They played many of our old favorites, for an overall excellent show.   Sagezilla and Du-Jay loved the glow stick wars and the light show.   And they had a blast decorating up and releasing balloons into the crowd and making creative glow stick hats.

It's fun when worlds collide.   We saw some Phish shirts at the Hawks rally, and we saw lots of Hawks jerseys at the concert.   People were even selling hybrid Phish/Hawks tees.  We spotted a Hawks flags and stickers on cars.   One even had the whole back window decorated up to declare WE HAVE LORD STANLEY'S CUP!!!!   We do indeed.

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