Friday, September 11, 2009

Redmoon's Spectacle Is A Must See And You Have 3 Chances Left

Last of My Species The Fearless Songs of Laarna Cortaan, is in the last of days of it's run, with evening performances at 7pm tonight through Sunday, September 11-13.   The 7 day only show is an amazing conglomeration of mid air acrobatics,


crazy contraptions,

pageantry and commentary.    The Vegas Cart and Cymbal Hat Army were favorites.   Here's a Snapfish link with over 50 photos, to capture the essence of  last night's performance (09/10/09).

We loved the weather machine, which bald punks used to blast the hero with rain and snow.  

And we were entranced with the lovers mid air embraces and scarf dance, dangling from the top of a crane-like ladder truck.

Again, Redmoon's outdoor extravaganza lives up to the name spectacle.   You'll be kicking yourself for years if you miss this one.

We have been avid fans of Redmoon, since we discovered them around 1994, and the kids have grown up on their peculiar brand of literate acrobatics.   More than any other Chicago troupe, Redmoon breaks down the 4th wall and brings the action right into the audience, entertaining and involving everyone.   Characters made dramatic entrances and exits through the crowd in multiple directions.   And Belmont's south harbor is certainly no stodgy stage.

After each show, Redmoon continues to involve the audience, as everyone who wishes to stick around can come up to meet the actors, and get a closer look at sets, props and costumes.    It's such a rare opportunity at other shows, and we always make the most of it.   The kids love to play on the sets,

chat up the characters,


and even try on costume pieces.


Redmoon invaded our hearts years ago, but with Last Of My Species, they invaded our brains as well.   The carefully crafted confusion is on and I won't give anything away to spoil the fun.   Mind games abound as the Redmoon master pranksters bend reality and blur the lines between the fanciful and the actual.   Which characters bios are real and which are as cardboard and pretend as some of the instruments?   Is that glitch a technical malfunction, or a clever plot to make you question reality?   Come see for yourselves.
Jim Lasko, Frank Maugeri and Vanessa Stalling have again fulfilled their mission to bring unexpected theatre to unexpected places.  

In the mean time, check out the Redmoon site for more info, and check out, or friend her on Facebook or Twitter, to find out more about the Norwegian punk princess's mission statement.

I have two suggestions, if you're going down.   Take time to print the detailed map from the Redmoon site.   There is a $10 parking lot right at the performance space on the south end of Belmont harbor, but it's tricky to get to.   Free street parking is available just South of Belmont and LSD, with a pedestrian tunnel under the drive, which also leads out to the performance space.   And go early to avoid traffic jams and get a good space.    Picnics are encouraged, so it's a great chance to spread a blanket and have a relaxing picnic dinner before the show.

This performance is engaging for all ages and ticket prices and info are available at Redmoon's main site.
Adults $15, Children 10 and under $10.

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