Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Joy of the Hunt

The Easter Bunny came to Central Park early in the morning and was multiplying, as rabbits do...multiplying the number of plastic eggs and sweet treats, that is.

22 plastic eggs
18 real dyed eggs
3 baskets full of goodies
3 stuffed rabbits
2 large, vintage paper eggs
1 large metal egg

We recycle the baskets and eggs from year to year, and leave them out for the bunny to fill, kind of like leaving Santa empty stockings to restock. And we always leave him green shredded paper grass to reuse instead of the plastic type. He's an eco-friendly rabbit.
In pottery last Saturday, we were talking with a couple of kid friends who filled their baskets with dirt and planted real grass seed, which has been growing for a while in anticipation of Easter. We've been out-ecoed! Maybe next year........

After the morning hunt, we drove out to Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Leo's for brunch and another egg hunt.

Their bunny leaves multiple eggs, toys and candy in little grass nests inside and out. It was a bit chilly, but sunny, and we were unable to talk the kids into keeping their winter coats on, while the adults ran after them with video cameras and

chattering teeth.

We all shared a brunch feast of ham, bacon, souffle, monkey bread, French toast, crescent rolls, turkey sausage/potato/egg casserole, and a magnificent fruit salad.

Mimosas were plentiful and made it much more pleasant to deal with the flying Nerf darts and water balloons the bunny left :). We stayed through the Blackhawks game where we soundly defeated Detroit.

Then, despite the chocolate bunny buzz, the kids were fast asleep shortly after we got home.

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