Friday, April 10, 2009

Bunny Fun

It's egg time again.   We've been dying, hunting, eating and hiding eggs all week.   Last Saturday, we went to Athletic Field Park for our first official egg hunt.

In years past, all the park district hunts were free and not too crowded.   At two of them with minimal charges, we even got nice Easter baskets.   Those days are over.

Athletic Field charged $3 
and was completely mobbed 
and even sold out in the younger 
age groups.   They capped each group 
at 50 kids/500 eggs and set a limit 
of 10 eggs per child.   Still, it was a fun event  
There was free face painting, an excellent magician complete with live doves, and 
bonus eggs with tickets 
that could be exchanged for larger 
prizes.  Du chose a throwing star like 
frisbee and Sagezilla picked a
large, pool squirt toy.

The weather was nippy, but gorgeous.

Our friend and pottery teacher, Andy, more than earned his pay check in an endless face painting line.   We swung by to say hey and asked him if he had painter's cramp yet.   He gamely grinned and kept right on reproducing rabbits.

Then we caught about 
a half hour of Mr. D's magic show.
I loved his old time, 
traveling carney truck 
with skulls and oddities 
as much as his slight of hand 
and silly way of humiliating 
his volunteers.

Then it was our turn for the egg hunts in the 6-7 and 8-9 groups.   What a difference from the photos of the egg hunts of my early childhood, where the little girls wore white gloves and everyone was decked out in their Easter finery.   Sure it was the suburbs of Cincinnati, but it was still the Midwest.

The kid gloves are off now!   I guess the egg frenzy is good practice for later mosh pit skills.   

The kids are making the most of their 16-- dress code free-- vacation days.    Sage has learned to tie her own Doc Martin's with the skull laces.   She's making a fashion statement here with her Oilily grass cuffed pants, fire fleece, Spyder coat, OOAK sparkling egg dress made by our friend, Theresa, and multiple headbands.   It's a creative look all her own.  

Our later efforts at egg hunts weren't as successful.   Mayfield Park sold out on line days before, the kids were sick for Bunny brunch at Kilbourn, and we made it to Koscuisco Park, but so did a zillion other people.   The lines were long and the kids only found three and two eggs respectively.   It was an unpleasantly crazy stampede and the eggs they dyed there turned out to be runny and soft boiled.   The bunny was so mobbed, we didn't even attempt a photo.   

The kids decided not to egg hunt at 
Brands Park at 10 am today, and instead, opted to take turns
hiding eggs for each other in the back yard as a dry run for the big dual Easter bunny hunts at home and Grandma and Grandpa's on Sunday.  

There was much less trampling and much more laughing goin on.   Happy Easter to all.

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