Monday, April 20, 2009

I ♥ Faces--Self Portrait With Kids

Family Sock Monkey Snuggle Time--Self Portrait With Kids in bed on a rainy day

The Iheartfaces challenge this week is a fun one. All contest entries have to be a self portrait taken with camera in hand--no tripod or other object holding the camera. The photographer needs to be alone for the adult category and with kid or kids for the kids category. I'm looking forward to seeing the faces behind the lens.

It's always a challenge to find photos of me among the thousands I take of the children. After I complained that the kids would end up without any pix of me from their childhood, my husband is making a concerted effort to wrest the camera from my hands, so I end up in a few at each major holiday, event and occasion.


  1. I love their giggling makes it so natural. Great job!

  2. Good on your husband for being attentive to your need to appear in your children's memory books! I love the eye contact in your picture, the way you are looking at one child and the other us looking towards the two of you.

  3. What a sweet picture! Glad you found one with you in it! : )

  4. You look so cozy! ;-) I love jammies and family pictures!