Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Helladays & ChiIL Holidaze 12 Days of Givaways Now Extended Till December 18th

So far, I'm afraid our Holidaze have turned into helladays.   The kids and I have all been fighting off (and getting our booties kicked by) seasonal bugs, so I'm behind on blogging and we had to miss The Special Press Preview of the 2013 Chicago Trolley Holiday Lights Tour among other things   We're still going to do an advanced feature and try to catch a later trolley for a photo feature.   We've heard great things and hoped to start a new family holiday tradition!

Today I spent the day at the pediatrician and hospital with my daughter, getting x-rays on her hand which may or may not be broken--6 days before her state gymnastics meet :(.   We'll find out tomorrow.   Nothing like a little suspense...   

Soooooo, we missed out on the Chicagonista's Very Merry Holiday Show broadcast from Nielsen Massey. #ChicagonistaLIVE.   I couldn't even follow along on line since there was no phone/computer reception in the basement catacombs of the hospital where x-ray central is located.

Yep... it's been that kind of December.   Hopefully you're luckier.   Apologies for the delays on our 12 Days of Giveaways.   I promise we WILL run all 12 and we'll be extending the deadline to enter till the 18th, so there will be plenty of time to spread the word and enter early and often.   We'll still get everything out to the winners before Santa's sleigh makes it's rounds, if you get us your address ASAP once the winners are notified by e-mail & posted here on the 18th.   Thanks for your patience, and good luck everyone! 

Sometimes the family just has to come first!

...is still on and now extended through December 18th!!   Woo hoo.

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