Monday, December 2, 2013

PHOTO RECAP: Ringling Bros.® Built To Amaze! #chiringling #RinglingBros

Disclosure:   Thanks to Feld for providing review tickets, goodie bags, and giveaway tickets & discount codes for our readers.   All opinions, photos and fun family memories are our own.

Gone But Not Forgotten   

The circus trip has ended and The Chicago Blackhawks and Bulls are back where the elephants, tigers and dogs held court, just a few days ago.   Ringling Bros.® Built To Amaze! has packed up and left Chicago after a month long run at Allstate Arena and United Center.   Of course we posted numerous times and gave away tickets and discount codes here at ChiIL Mama.   

Hopefully your family got to go and make some memories.   Here are ours... preserved in a huge photo filled recap we're happy to share with you.   

We adore circus arts and eagerly anticipate the annual visit by the best of the best.   Ringling Bros.® Built To Amaze!   We were thrilled to catch an early preview just for press/bloggers, where the kids could get their programs signed by the performers, ask questions and explore, then the public was invited in early as well, for pre-show fun.   

It was cool to ask the performers all of the different countries they were from, and the autographed programs become a keepsake my kids treasure.   The circus is truly an international microcosm!

Here are our favorite pre-show shots.   Scroll to the bottom of this feature for our favorite show shots.

Parading, painting, snacking, shooting hoops, batting beach balls & jumping rope... the elephants are one of our favorite parts of the circus pre-show.

My own kids have studied circus arts for 3 years, so they're always especially excited to see the pros do all the things they study like lyra (suspended hoops), trapeze,  Chinese Pole, Spanish web, clowning, unicycle, diablo, juggling and more.  When my kids start clamoring for training in the motorcycle globe or want to be shot from a canon... well, we might need to reevaluate our obsession.   These acts sure are fun to watch though!

Ringling Bros.® Built To Amaze also raised the bar with new acts we hadn't seen before along with old favs.   We dug the unicycle basket ball team and the incredible partner acro and the trampoline wall!

This Ringling incarnation was one of our all time favorites.  They featured true skill & thrills over extravaganza.   Sure, there was still a mass parade in and confetti filled big rock finish.   But we'd rather see amazing feats of strength and modern circus skill from a few performers at a time than an overwhelming 3 rings of simultaneous hoopla, with little substance.

The annual "circus trip", where our sports teams go on an extended streak of away games, is over for Chi-town for this year.   But THE Circus Trip never ends for the stars of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus! Catch them if they're coming to your town.   Ringling Bros.® Built To Amaze absolutely DOES.

Here are a Few of Our Favorite Original Show Shots:

Disclosure:   Once again, thanks to Feld for providing review tickets, goodie bags, and giveaway tickets & discount codes for our readers.   All opinions, photos and fun family memories are our own.

Got Ringling Memories of your own?   Share them with a lil social media love.

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