Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holidaze Day #3: WIN a $25 Freshii Gift Card & 5 Will Win Discount Bowls #HelpOut #Photos #giveaway

ChiIL Out and Help Out.   Today our Holidaze focus is on Helping Out, and having a Green Christmas.   We had the chance to meet:

·  Warriors from Kenya, Wilson and Jackson: on their first trip ever to Chicago.

·  Freshii CEO Matthew Corrin: Not only will Corrin help local Chicagoans make a difference around the world with this effort, he’s making strides in the local community with dozens of Fresshii stores slated to open in 2014

·  Free The Children co-founder Marc Kielburger: This motivational leader is stoked to share the mission of the organization as well as the goal of bringing its popular, star-studded We Day event to Chicago.


It was our great pleasure to interview Matthew Corrin.   We'll have our interview with Freshii's enthusiastic, young CEO up shortly.

Click here for your chance to win.

Check out our original photo feature here.   Our favorite shots are embedded at the bottom of this post.

I have loads of friends in the vegetarian and vegan communities and a husband who is a self professed "meatatarian" who claims veggies are just what meat eats!   Talk about a challenge when it comes to meeting and eating somewhere together...  

I'm stuck in the middle.   I was a full blown vegetarian for 10 years, but now that we have a family, we compromise and aim for healthy, locally sourced food and little red meat.   I'm stoked that Freshii has options for all tastes and diets.

I had a chance to taste their vegan wrap and it was flavorful and seriously delicious.   Vegan doesn't have to equate "tastes like packing peanuts", costs a fortune, or takes a long prep time.

Photo Credit:  Freshii Team

December 4th, right here in Chicago, Freshii announced a cause partnership with Free The Children.   ChiIL Mama met up with them for lunch at the Freshii in the Palmer House Hotel. 

Photo Credit:  Freshii Team

Prior to the lunch, Wilson Meikuaya and Jackson Letasuna from rural Kenya led a fun run – dressed in traditional red shukas with loads of beaded jewelry – to Freshii locations throughout the city to symbolize health, wellness and nutrition.

Photo Credit:  Freshii Team

Photo Credit:  Freshii Team

This month, Freshii customers can purchase a $5 limited edition reusable bowl, with proceeds going towards building school kitchens and vegetable gardens in third world communities. Customers will receive a discounted meal every time they bring the bowl back.  

Photo Credit:  Freshii Team

ChiIL Mama's Favorite Original Shots:

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