Friday, December 20, 2013

Mrs. Green's FREE Holiday Cookie Decorating THIS Saturday #mrsgreens #organic #FoodieFun

Green grocer has a whole new meaning these days.   And we're excited to welcome Mrs. Green's Natural Market to the Chicago market!   This newcomer is all about organic, eco friendly, and healthy produce and products that go way beyond fresh fruits and veggies.   They also have a delectable selection of deli sandwiches, and pre-made foods. Foodies and newbies will relish the unintimidating atmosphere and friendly staff.   We'll have a big photo filled feature up shortly.   For now, we wanted to give you the heads up on a sweet event going down tomorrow morning.

ChiIL out with Mrs. Green's FREE family cookie decorating.  ChiIL Mama & Du-Jay went last week and had a blast!   But why should the bloggers & press have all the fun?!   This one's for YOU.

Healthy doesn't have to mean all granola and keifer (though we do dig those, too).   Mrs. Green's has a wickedly delicious dessert case, fantastic coffee, and more tasty treats!   They may not be low cal, but they're made with natural, fresh, organic ingredients and come in a variety of configurations to suite any allergies or dietary needs.   

It was my great pleasure to sample many of their sandwiches during their press opening and I was suitably impressed.   Their Cajun selections will give your winter blues a kick out the door, with just the right spice combos to heat things up.   You'll find a great fit here whether you love to cook or love to leave the cooking to others!

Last Saturday, I returned with my 12 year old to decorate holiday cookies, take a store tour, and chat with the staff nutritionists.   My son, Dugan, got "best big brother ever" points for specially requesting blue food coloring so he could morph a wreath into a 1st place ribbon for his little sister who was going to compete at state the next day!   She'd placed 1st all around in her last 2 meets and missed the cookie fun because she was at 1 last grueling 3 hour practice before state.   

They were so helpful and nice at Mrs. Greens they even encouraged us to take home extra cupcakes, cookies and ingredients so our gymnast could decorate her share at home!   The treats were super tasty. And the kids (and adults) had a blast being creative with the confections.

While we were at Mrs. Greens I was elated to pick up an excellently flavorful & strong cup of coffee and arnica in tablet and gel forms for my gymnast.   It's great for healing bruises and muscle strains and crazy hard to find around town.   We live by the stuff!

As we were checking out, we overheard numerous people raving about how excellent the sausage samples were, so we made our purchases and detoured back in the front door to try a few for ourselves.   Their reputation was well deserved!   We tried the bacon sausage, cracked black pepper, maple syrup, and cheddar and all were amazing.

Mrs. Greens is a warm, welcoming space and a great addition to Chicago.   I can easily see frequenting this market.   They're an excellent resource for omnivores, vegetarians and vegans.   

Come by with the littles THIS Saturday for free cookie decorating 10:30am-11:30am and check out Mrs. Greens for yourself!

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