Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Of Narwhals, Medals and Mash Notes #FamilyTraditions #Gymnastics

I didn't know if my kids would think I was queen of the dorks for my limerick, but Sage really dug it.   She read it over and over till she memorized it, and got a big kick out of the verse.   She even said "Mom... how did you just make that up?" with a bit of awe in her voice.   It came easy because I've been in awe of her for years.  

My blue ribbon baby is at it again.   She placed first in bars, beam, and all around at Peterson.   This was her 2nd All Around Win in a row for level 4, 10 year old girls.   Next stop... state!  

We have a family tradition of leaving fridge notes for each other on a magnetic tablet.   There are two pads/pens and it's fun to leave affirming notes & funny art for special occasions or no reason at all.

You don't have to be a writer or a great artist to rock mash notes to your kids. It truly is the thought that counts. 

I've also continued my own mom's tradition of lunchbox napkin notes.  We snap photos to save them as a quick, visual journal of lunches and lives.   These "mash notes" are full of love for my kids and celebrate their unique personalities, triumphs, and fun family plans we have together.

Not a natural artist or writer?   No problem.   Sometimes the kids get the biggest laugh and the most joy out of the simplest things.   The point is that you took the time to personalize something to them.

How do you celebrate each other and life's little victories?

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